The Technological Institute of Advanced Education (ITEA) was born since its foundation as an institution with the best services and facilities to integrate the formative processes at elementary and high school levels under a mixt, bilingual and lay scheme; we have considered as our biggest goal to be the best educational choice to form integral human beings whith the best academical level, developed in the context of values fostered by our solid educational programs and various sportif and artistic activities.







We had proposed to develop smart, humanists and wordl cinscius human beings: with intercultura thoughts, joyful and satisfied of themselves trough a values based education.

Looking to 2020, we have proposed to us to be an educational system with international projection. Form by smart installations, open to cultural and academic diversity. Qualified with innovative and avant-garde school programs.

Our students will be identified by the high skills on languages and computer sciences, and by their ecological consciusness. Supported by international certifications such as from Cambridge, Microsoft and UNESCO.

Our students get the best technological teaching at word processors, spreadsheets, graphic presentations, email, daatabases, web design, graphic design and secure browsing. Also, tey lear how to do a preventive maintenace of computers. This allow us to offer Microsoft certifications since elementary school, and IC3 and Adobe certifications on higher levels.

Our facilities have fixed and mobile laboratories, tha last ones made by notebooks specialized to kinder and elementary (1-6) levels; interactive and multimedia classrooms, Wi-Fi and a specialized to know instantly the school grades followed by a feedback to strengthen learning.

Microsoft Certificates

At elementary school our students are certified on technological skills and administrative tools offered by Microsoft Office Suite, and at high school are certified on graphic environments and web developing

One of the greatest innovations offered by ITEA is it English learning model distributed by special levels to give the opportunity to new students to begin learning it and catch up to his peers.

Cambridge Certifications

We train or students to accredit the Univeristy of Cambridge certifications since elementary school with the Starters certificate and finishing with the Firts Certiificate Evaluation. These certifications represents our institutional high academical level given to our students: Cambridge certifications are recognized as an English International Standard.


“Living an intercultural experience extends or worldview.”

Trough agreements with universities and educational institutions, our studets can get great opportunities on USA and Canada at summertimes and schooltimes so they can practice and improve their english skills.

One of the pillars of ITEA’s educational model is sports practice, accomplished on a 40 acres area shared between both campuses with safe, modern and functional facilities to develop our students sportive skills with the support of professional teachers on sports.

Students with high school grades and sports achievements can obtain a Scolarship par excelence.

Sportive and artistic activities allow us to integrate all the formative aspects of our students. Sports are as relevant as arts and academical skills looking for develop mental and physical health to get an optimal grouth on our students.

Sportive training sipervised by high level teachers wuth pedagogical basements allow us to develop great competitors that can represent our school with dignity and pride, transcending to national ad international levels.




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