Pokémon invade las instalaciones de ITEA

Todos están buscando pokémons, ¿pero alguien esperaba encontrarlos en ITEA?

Pokémon invades ITEA

New creatures have arrived to our campus’, and surely you have seen them before: Pokémons! They have become to our summer activities and have benn watched by some of our security cameras playing around our buildings.

If you want to catch them all, you’ll need to tour around our campus’. They are everywhere: on the labs, the library, the playground, the cafeteria, the auditorium and our sports fields.

Remember taht Pokémon masters are disciplined, so do not interfere on other student’s activities while you are having fun looking around.

Now, watch the next album with some Pokémons that we have found having fun on both ITEAs.

Pokémon Invade Instalaciones De ITEA

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