“create students, that can grown in mind,
body and heart way.

Lic. Norma Araceli García López
Head Master – ITEA Zapopan







Av. Juan Gil Preciado No. 2451, Col. Los Robles, C.P. 45138, Zapopan, Jalisco. Tel. (33) 30 70 33 33

Instituto Tecnológico de Educación Avanzada, ITEA We are an academic institution with modern recreational and educational facilities. Our school comprises 111,000 m2 and it works to provide families with a high quality and reliable site that prepares students for the educational challenges of the 21st century.

We have 3 main buildings, each one designed for the different academic levels ranging from preschool, elementary school, middle school and high school. Our buildings are equipped with interactive classrooms, computer, language and science laboratories, an auditorium, a library, a classroom for miscellaneous purposes, a teachers’ lounge and a cafeteria. We also have offices for the administration staff, a reception area and a patio. The infirmary and recreational areas containing a play area for children can be accessed through the preschool building as well.

Within the common spaces you can find our swimming area which consists of a semi Olympic sized swimming pool, a steam room, a shower area, a coffee shop, offices and a front desk area.

Our sports facilities include a running track with Olympic dimensions, five basketball courts, five soccer fields, a flag football field, five volleyball courts, a gymnastics room, a karate area and various green areas for multiple purposes.

Julio Francisco Pineda Cabrera

Norma Araceli García López
Head Master Campus Zapopan

Ivette Ruíz Velasco García
kindergarten Principal

Dulce María Patricia Aguilar González
Elementary School Principal

Mónica Pilar Hernández Gutiérrez
Elementary School Spanish Coordination

Carmen Lucía Martín del Campo Preciado
Elementary School English Coordination

José de Jesús López Morales
Middle School Principal

María Guadalupe Aceves Zárate
Middle School Coordination

Alicia Álvarez Esparza
High School Principal

Jaziel González Melo
Language Coordination Middle School & High School

Iliana Elizabeth Muñoz Elizondo
Academic Quality


Sandra Karina Sánchez Miranda

Esther Guillen de Alba

Alma Lilia Torres Contreras

Teresa Cuevas Díaz

María Guadalupe Sánchez Ríos

Viviana Lizbeth Olmos Nuñez

Lizette Guadalupe Martínez González

Attended by a health professional. The medical department provides first aid to the students that requires it. In addition to permanently and systematically monitoring​ the general state of students.
Psycho Pedagogical
Department that veils for the right learning process of the students.
By developing the psychological, pedagogical, academic and learning processes optimally, giving to the parents, students and profesors guide and orientation with the object of improve the cognitive, affective and social development.
Safe school
Department that veils for the right learning process of the students.

By developing the psychological, pedagogical, academic and learning processes optimally, giving to the parents, students and profesors guide and orientation with the object of improve the cognitive, affective and social development.

Safe school

Reception – Delivery
The dimension of the facilities allows for the reception/delivery process of the student inside the institution facilities on a record time of 10 min.

Internal Security
Female staff that is responsible to warranty the physical integrity of the student inside the facilities.

Outside Security
permanent vigilance 24hrs

Closed circuit

We rely on our surveillance cameras located in the classrooms, hallways and common areas to notify us at all times of any situation that could potentially endanger our students.

Social Environment Procedures
We apply this particular examination, consisting of a voice recognition test, to our middle school and high school students as a preventive mechanism. This procedure allows us to find possible risk situations that can affect the students of our community, specifically in topics such as: bullying, drugs, environment risk and others.
*We perform an annual drug test

Our institution is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle for out students, not only through our sports program, but also through the food we provide in our cafeteria.

Our menus are carefully selected by renowned nutrition professionals, resulting in an elaborate meal plan that balances healthy elements and food that is particularly enjoyed by children and teenagers. In order to further promote healthier choices, we do not sell junk food.

Conferences and Seminars
Here at ITEA, our parent community is very important. An effective communication and a healthy daily coexistence between parents and their children is the main objective so the kids can develop in a pleasant environment while shaping the values and foundations for their life.
This is why we consider it of the utmost importance to commit ourselves to work alongside the parents and encourage them to adopt an active role in their children’s’ lives. For this goal, we offer a wide range of conferences and seminars on building a wholesome family structure.
The dates and posts pertaining to these seminars will be published in this section. For further information, you can contact the email that is listed on the announcement.

Digital Platforms

In every academic level, both students and parents use the digital platforms, in which teachers post the weekly and monthly assignments. This in turn also allows the parents to be fully aware of their children’s academic development. They also have access to see the work that is assigned to the student.

In addition to having access to their homework, students will also use the digital platforms to answer online evaluations that allow them to see their grade immediately, as well as allowing them to correct their mistakes seeing as they will be able to see right answers whenever they mark a wrong answer.

“A new way of learning requires a new way of teaching”.

A sport that allows a child to experience an optimal physical development from an early age and helps them attain a solid formation ideal for their next stages in life. This sport can be practiced within the school without having to move elsewhere.
The ability to swim is a survival skill that inherently provides the parents with a sense of ease.
We have a semi Olympic sized indoors heated pool. We also have highly qualified instructors and spacious facilities such as dressing rooms and showers that are kept clean at all times.

*Classes and facilities are only available at out Zapopan Campus

Online enrollment

Having full consideration of the demanding family activities that can be time consuming, we now have available an online enrollment system. Once you have initiated this process, one of our advisors will get in touch with you to accompany you through this registration process.

In order to help you save time we have an online registration tool. Once you start the enrollment process, our advisors will contact you in a timely manner to guide you through the process.





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